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Cabinet has approved reopening of schools, promotion to the next class will be based on attendance and continuous assessment of classwork and assignments

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The government has agreed to reopen schools for none candidate classes, except pre-primary, which argues that the children are incapable of observing the standard operating procedures.

“The education institutions should be allowed to open for non-candidate classes in a staggered manner that will ensure compliance with COVID-19 Standard operating Procedures (SOPs0) and safety,” Government said.

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On pre-primary schools, government also noted that the children in this category are prone to respiratory infections including COVID and that most of these school’s day involves a lot of interface between learners, teachers, and parents, thereby increasing the risk of infection.

The government said the Ministries of Education and health will undertake a countrywide tour of schools and institutions to ascertain their preparedness for reopening.

“In order to complete the academic year and ensure progression, the semi candidate classes (P6, S3, and S5) should report back to school in the short term and study (in shifts where necessary) with the candidate classes,” the government stated.

It further noted that the other classes will resume classes after the candidate classes have finished their exams. PLE will be concluded on March 31 while UCE on April 6, 2021.

It explained that for the classes studying in shifts, teachers will be guided to work through the home-schooling materials with a view of explaining and clarifying concepts and correcting self-study work done by learners at home.

“Promotion to the next class will be based on attendance and continuous assessment of classwork and assignments,” reads the press release, signed by the Executive Director Uganda Media Centre, Ofwono Opondo.

The Technical Vocational and Training Institutions (TVET), and the Primary and National Teachers’ Colleges have also been allowed to reopen. The Universities on the other hand will reopen in a phased manner.

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