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Archbishop Kaziimba pays tribute to late Nyombi.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Dr. Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has paid tribute to the late attorney general Peter Nyombi whom he described as a peacemaker.
The archbishop was the chief guest during the launch of Nyombi’s biography which was authored by the deceased’s son Nyombi Solomon Ignatius. Nyombi died on October 7, 2018.
“He was a very humble man. While serving as the chancellor of the Mityana Diocese, Nyombi was so generous, a peacemaker who at all times chose reconciliation and dialogue. He loved his family whenever we met; he talked about his father, his mother and his father,” Kaziimba said.
He said Mityana Diocese was not that rich but the late Nyombi always put in his money to support projects and all the matters which required legal interpretation.
The book chronicles the major events of the late attorney general’s life, his birth, his time as a child, how he joined King’s College Buddo, his university life, joining public service and then getting into politics and all the controversy that was involved there.
Nyombi served as attorney general from 2011-2015. During his reign as AG, Nyombi offered controversial legal advice to government including on the appointment of former chief justice Benjamin Odoki to serve another term. This led to his suspension from the Uganda Law Development Centre and being issued with a “certificate of incompetence” by fellow lawyers.
Now, Solomon Nyombi said he authored the book because there was a need for people to know his father’s side of the story.
“When my father entered politics, a lot of things were misunderstood even after he had passed on. The things that were said about him, a narrative was created about who this man was. You find that most of the people who are saying ill about him didn’t know him. And it used to baffle me and even when he was alive, they used to say ill about him and I used to tell him to say something but he always brushed it off. So, I did want that to continue. And that is why I wrote this account of my father’s life. I wanted a proper account of who my father was not dictated by people who didn’t really know him,” he said.
He said that the vision to write the book began when his father was still alive and they were scheduled to document his story.
Meanwhile Julian, Nyombi’s widow, said her husband was a very committed person to God, family, work and his political party. He loved the revival fellowship and attended fellowship meetings diligently even if he found the last praise and worship beats.
“Nothing can separate us from his love, trouble, hardship, danger, or death. We rejoice knowing that our anchor is in God of the universe who exceeds human abilities and understanding and instils in our faith. With this faith, we are persuaded that there is no need for hatred, revenge, or hard feelings. Everything is in his power to handle,” she said.
The former chief justice Benjamin Odoki said Nyombi was a very humble man. He was really a gentleman. He never had any scandal.
“Peter left a big legacy. A legacy of good leadership, patriotism and professionalism. For those of us who are still alive, the country is bigger than us. We have to think about the country and later ourselves,” he said.
Nyombi was born in Nakasongola district on April 23, 1954, to Eriakimu Kajja, a school teacher, and Efrance Nabisalu Kajja, a full-time housewife. Nyombi was one of 13 children of the late Eriakimu Kajja. He was a brother to Dr John Musisi Senyonyi, the former vice chancellor of UCU, and ambassador Henry Mayega, Uganda’s consul general in Dubai.
Nyombi went to Nakasongola primary school, Kings College Buddo for his O’level and A’level education, and Makerere University where he attained a bachelor of Law degree. In 1977, he received a diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre (LDC).
He served as a state attorney in the department of public prosecution in the Ugandan ministry of Justice. From 1986 until 1996, he worked as a counsel in the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG).
From 1996 until 2001, he worked as the director of legal affairs in the office of the IGG. In 2001, he opened his law firm, Nyombi and Company Advocates, which is still operating. In 2006 he contested and was elected to represent Nakasongola County in the Parliament of Uganda. He served for two terms till 2016.

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