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ANT recognizes that failure in governance has far reaching effects on all human endeavors & therefore our manifesto is geared towards addressing governance challenges as a bedrock on which other developments shall be constructed. This shall be done by doing the following;
*Ensuring a peaceful leadership transition.*
 This has alluded Uganda since it attained Independence 58 years ago with each leader bombing himself to office & being bombed out of office. To address this, the following shall be done.
*Reinstatement & restoration of term limits*  
This will help to ensure a peaceful transition. No leader will ever cling to power after two terms in office. ANT will build strong institutions that will guarantee continuity of good governance principles irrespective of which leader is in office.

Muhimbise George writter of this story and a member OF alliance national transformation (ANT) publicity committee

*Reduction of cost of Public administration* 
We shall have a lean effecient government with a well motivated & renumerated public service. We shall conduct a review of ministries, departments, agencies, commissions, projects & authorities to remove duplication of roles & unnecessary bureaucracy.
Remember that when we have an efficient government, it will create an environment through which people can thrive in the private sector without necessarily depending on government for jobs since no government can ever employ the entire population.
*Provision of mentorship & leadership development* 
The party will lead by example. We recognize that everything raises & falls on leadership. We believe that it’s us leaders to plant the good seeds of a country we want to have & so good leadership will start with us.
We shall also establish deliberate leadership development & unchor institutional functionality to ensure political stability, continuity & sustainability.
Individuals however powerful they can be can not be the guarantors of national legacy or stability.
Take note that however big a tree can be, it can’t be bigger than a forest.
*Establish & advance an education system that promotes love for a country & pride in being a Ugandan* 
This goes beyond rhetoric to true national pride,  sense of belonging & responsibility. Young people will be taught early enough to have civic consciousness & value  & to protect & treasure their national heritage.
*Create an environment through which political pluralism will thrive* 
This shall be done through citizens mobilisation in political participation.Good people will be identified, supported & encouraged to join politics as the party advances it’s value based leadership agenda. 
We shall rally women & youth to participate in politics & create a condusive environment for them.
Tolerance & respect for divergent views will be promoted. 
There will be peaceful coexistence where thinking differently is not a crime. 
We shall promote a balanced media where  responsible media practionners will neither be harmed in line of duty nor lawful contestation of ideas suffocated but rather given space to flourish. 
We shall promote cultural diversity & unity by working with all cultural institutions to promote development. 
We shall also promote freedom of worship but also use religion to foster national unity & entrench national values.
*Promote dialogue for the well being of all*
ANT will foster national dialogue & conflict resolution strategies. This will help to address many social & political challenges we are faced with in a bid to reconstruct national foundations & focus.
We shall immediately call for a national conversation to re-direct the national path after many years of loss of direction due to toxic politics, tribalism & patronage.
ANT will address past injustices that have been occasioned to some communities like war claims, theft of cattle in North & East among others & compesations will be given to the victims.
*Fostering unity by promoting a national language.* 
As per the Constitution of Uganda, we shall promote use of Kiswahili language as a means to promote national unity & also promoting trade among East African Community Countries.
*Fighting Corruption*
Corruption is one of the biggest drawbacks in Uganda’s governance leading to waste, inefficiency, inequality & many other injustices leading to loss of life. To address corruption we shall do the following;
We shall create public awareness so that we empower citizens to monitor their programs.
We shall put stringent consequences so that we make corruption very risky to any body.
We shall offer exempraly leadership where all ANT leaders will lead by example by not engaging in any corruption tendencies.
Strengthen institutions fighting corruption by giving them all necessary legal support, resources like finance & human & ensuring their independence.
Sanitising anti-corruption agencies to make them credible enough to fight corruption. Take note that the anti-corruption agencies like police, judiciary are among the top ranked in corruption.
We shall also ensure that recruitment is done on merit & technical know how but not technical know who. This will make public servants accountable to their supervisory authority rather than their god fathers.
With all the above in place, & the discplined purposeful leadership of Gen Mugisha Muntu, you can be sure that this country will be put back on the right path & we shall achieve all other social, economic & political development.

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