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Angry pupils chased their school head teacher and locked her office in Gulu .

Pupils of Kitino Tima Primary School in Omel sub county, Gulu district have chased their school head teacher and locked her office over allegations of failing to deliver exams.
Mary Filder Lakaraber was reportedly pulled out of her office on Tuesday afternoon by more than 80 pupils in Primary six and seven after a disagreement.
Tonny Okot, the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) chairperson says trouble ensued when the pupils demanded to know why their beginning of term exams had been delayed despite paying.
He says the pupils also complained of a hike in the exam fees from 3,000 shillings to 5,000 shillings per term under the tenure of Lakaraber who had only assumed office in the second term. According to Okot, despite the pupils paying only 3,000 Shillings previously, they were routinely doing exams and tests unlike under the stewardship of the new head teacher.
He says the head teacher fled for safety and hasn’t returned to school. Her office remains under lock and key.
The Gulu District Inspector of Schools, Jackeline Akello confirmed receiving reports on the incident but notes that she was yet to get full accounts of what transpired at the school.
On Wednesday, parents and teachers convened a meeting with the pupils at the school to calm their anger and find an alternative solution to addressing their grievances.

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