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A Ugandan singer Ricardo Omutto survives a deadly accident.

Singer Ricardo Omutto is currently battling with an alleged curse of denying his family, his father passed away last weekend and as he was driving with his family, they got involved in a deadly car accident that has left all of them nursing serious wounds.Appearing in an interview, Richard Kibaale aka Ricardo Omuto revealed how he is currently heartbroken and nursing wounds after surviving a deadly car accident that saw his car flip and leave him and his father in deep pain.Ricardo almost lost his life over the weekend following a car crash that he was involved in with three other family members as he traveled to Bupadhengo for the burial of his dad Mr. Robert Kibaale who lost a battle with prostate cancer.
The burial of his dad took place yesterday in Bupadhengo .
Ricardo’s father handed him to Abdul Mulasi because they had a very close friendship since Mr. Kibaale used to help artists in repairing their musical instruments and at times he could also perform with them.

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