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A suspect dies on his way to hospital.

Frederick Mac-Palm, one of the main suspects accused of attempting to overthrow the Ghanaian government in 2019 has died.
Local media say he collapsed in his house on Saturday and was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Mr Mac-Palm and two others were arrested in September 2019 for allegedly plotting to destabilise the country. He was the owner of the Citadel clinic where security officials reportedly seized several weapons, ammunition and explosive devices.
The three are among six other suspects who have been facing charges of treason since 2019.
They were accused of being part of a group known as the Take Action Ghana (TAG). The group, according to the prosecution, planned to organise a series of demonstrations and also attempted to overthrow the government.
Mr Mac-Palm is a native of Kpando in eastern Volta Region – where separatists have been agitating for secession from Ghana.

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