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A security guard shoots colleague dead.

Police in Tororo have arrested a security guard attached to Saracen (U) Ltd for shooting is fellow workmate dead under unclear circumstances.
The deceased identified as John Okudi, 27, was murdered in cold blood by Moses Okedi while on duty guarding an Indian’s residence in Amagoro Central ward, senior quarters in Tororo Municipality.
It is alleged that the two got into a fight moments before gunshots were heard. By the time locals arrived to rescue Okudi, he was cold and lying in a pool of blood. At the time of the incident, the deceased was armed with a club while his killer had a gun.
Locals allege that at about 7:30 am, the two developed an argument in Ateso, unknown to them before the incident. Prior to that, the duo were in good terms.
The District Police Commander (DPC) Assistant Superintendent of Police, Adam Kimuli says the suspect was netted after another security guard identified as Ejumu Robert identified him.
who had been deployed to work on the day shift on Wednesday.
” Ejumu who is also in our custody told us that it’s Okedi, who shot his colleague after they developed a misunderstanding,”Kimuli said.

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