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A huge number of people injured as UPDF battles residents over Namboole land.

Mary Nanzige, a resident of Kirinnya-Bweyogerere, told New Vision, that her son Moses Wambi, 18, a bodaboda cyclist on the Kazinga stage, along Kampala-Jinja Road, was among the injured victims.
“Imagine my son was dropping off a passenger in Kampala when a UPDF soldier shot him in the chest when he had just reached Bweyogerere!” Nanzige said.
Medics who worked on Wambi told us on condition of anonymity, “It seems he was shot at a close range because, from the chest, the bullet passed through and came out from his back,” they said.
Another victim-Aisha Nakitende-told New Vision that bullet fragments injured her in the neck as she was rushing to save her child’s mattress from being thrown out by the angry armed soldiers.
“My plea to let me remove my household items from the house fell on the soldiers’ ears, as they badly wiped me,” she said.
Recently, the government launched the renovation program of Mandela National Stadium, starting with the construction of the perimeter wall.

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