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A dog tracks thieves to police station reception.

The suspected burglars who broke into the Kaliro District MTN Service Center and stole a number of phone accessories and cash were tracked by a police dog to the police reception.
According to the police, they received information that armed thugs had broken into the Kaliro MTN Service Centre.
“Two guards belonging to Wolves Security Group who were guarding the premises were arrested as prime suspects and taken to the police.”
One was armed with an SMG rifle loaded with 10 rounds of live ammunition,” said the police.
Meanwhile, a police sniffer dog was introduced at the crime scene, and it tracked the two arrested guards at the police counter, where the two guards had been taken.
“This is to put the record right that the police dog traced the suspected people involved in aggravated robbery in Kaliro Town Council to the Police counter where two private security guards had been held; it is not that Police officers were involved,” said Busoga North Police Spokesperson Michael Kasadha.
One of the guards told the police that they were attacked by two people wearing black clothes who drugged them with suspected chloroform, and allegedly disarmed them before the assailants broke into the MTN service centre and stole phones whose monetary value is yet to be established.

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