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37 people died in road accidents during Easter weekend.

According to Faridah Nampiima, the traffic directorate spokesperson, the 76 road crashes had 113 road victims, of which 37 victims died and 76 sustained injuries.
She said that the fatalities registered included the drivers, motorcycle riders and pedestrians, with speeding being the cause of the crashes.
Faridah also noted that in the weeks under review, traffic police arrested 18,459 suspects across the country for violating traffic rules and regulations while on the road.
The suspects were arrested for offences, including reckless driving, driving motor vehicles in dangerous mechanical conditions, driving without a valid permit, seat belts and speeding, among others.
In last year’s annual crime report, police indicated an increase of 35 per cent in common traffic offences.
The report showed that police registered 456,993 cases in 2022 compared to 336,722 cases in 2021 and as a result, the number of road traffic crashes increased from 17,443 in 2021 to 20,394 in 2022 where 3,901 crashes were fatal, 10,776 were serious while 5,717 were minor by nature.

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