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MTN Uganda takes a stride towards sustainability with the adoption of electric vehicles to its fleet.

MTN Uganda has taken a significant
step towards a greener future by receiving a test electric vehicle from Motorcare
Uganda Ltd. This milestone aligns with MTN’s ambitious goals outlined in the
Ambition 2025 strategy, focusing on creating shared value and placing
environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles at the core of its operations.
The introduction of a test electric vehicle into MTN Uganda’s fleet signifies a crucial
advancement in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to the global
fight against climate change. Recognizing the urgency of transitioning away from
fossil fuel-based vehicles in the face of rising temperatures and their consequences,
MTN Uganda aims to gradually replace its entire fleet with electric vehicles, subject
to the success of the test phase.
By embracing sustainable practices, MTN Uganda is determined to fulfill its pledge to
achieve net-zero emissions by 2040, as outlined in its sustainability framework. The
company remains dedicated to improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse
gas emissions, and enhancing water and waste management across its operations.
Through its partnership with Motorcare Uganda Ltd, MTN can leverage advanced
sustainable technologies that align with its net-zero objectives.

MTN Uganda has a proven track record of prioritizing ESG practices, exemplified by
its eco-responsibility commitment. Transitioning over 64% of its sites to
hydroelectricity has already resulted in a remarkable 4.4% reduction in carbon
emissions (tCO2). The company firmly believes in managing environmental
resources sustainably for the benefit of all.
CEO of MTN Uganda, Sylvia Mulinge, stated, “The acquisition of a test electric
vehicle from Motorcare Uganda Ltd demonstrates our unwavering commitment to
environmental stewardship. We firmly believe that our growth and success should
not come at the expense of the planet’s future. By gradually replacing our fleet with
electric vehicles, we aim to drive a positive environmental impact in the communities
we serve while inspiring others to join us in creating a sustainable future.”
“At this occasion, we are filled with pride as we officially present MTN Uganda with a
100% electric vehicle. It is an honor for us to be part of this green venture in
Kampala. Let us join forces and bring about a positive change in our environment.
Together, we have the power to create a greener and better world for all.” Florence
Sempebwa Makada, the Managing Director of MotorCare Uganda said at the
MTN Uganda remains steadfast in its vision of contributing to a better world while
delivering innovative telecommunication solutions. The integration of electric vehicles
into its fleet signifies a proactive step towards achieving its net-zero emissions
commitment by 2040. MTN Uganda invites its customers, partners, and stakeholders
to join hands in forging a sustainable path forward and ensuring a brighter future for
generations to come.

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