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Zambia Learns From Uganda, Legalises Marijuana Growing

By Keefa Nuwahereza

If you thought it is only Uganda that is rooting for marijuana growing and exportation then you’re behind news.

Elite News website has learnt that Zambia has legalised the production and export of cannabis for economic and medicinal purposes.

 Zambia’s motivation is rooted in a hefty fiscal deficit and growing debt burden. 

External debt grew to $10.5b at the end of 2018 from USD8.74 billion a year earlier. This venture is estimated to gross up to USD36 billion annually.

Although, it’s not clear whether Zambia has actually legalized the use of cannabis, it is one of several countries progressively looking to commercialize the plant.

This however comes at a time when Uganda and other Africa countries are grappling with making the decision to fully legalise the growth and exportation of Marijuana for medicinal purposes.

So far several companies from Israel and Canada and others have applied for licenses to   grow marijuana in Uganda and some, like Industrial Hemp LTD, have already set up plantations

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