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What you need to know about Museveni?


“Obote has rigged my votes and so I’m going to the bush to fight his illegitimacy” Museveni

“Africa’s problem is not poverty but leaders who over stay in power” Museveni

“I will not preside over a country where a person is killed or tortured and I don’t know who the offender is” Museveni

“This Constitution is the best in the whole world and if anyone tries to tamper with it, I’ll go back to the bush” Museveni

Am like a bicycle quarter pin. It enters by force and removed by force.

“I will retire next year” Museveni

“Gadaffi will attend my retirement ceremony”

“I still need your support for only this term to accomplish NRM goals” Museveni.

“Uganda will be a middle income country by 2017”. Museveni

“How can akapapura obupapura (just a ballot paper) remove someone from power?” Museveni

“I dont need votes because I have the army and the money”

“I dont work for Ugandans, I am working for myself and my grandchildren” Museveni

“I cannot hand over power to wolves (emishega)” Museveni

“Those saying agende, they want to come and steal my oil” Museveni

“I will smash anyone trying to joke around with my throne” Museveni

“I am not a servant of any one. I am a freedom fighter fighting for my freedom, and what I believe in”
“Arrest those pigs who are killing Ugandans” Museveni

“This Constitution is barring me from developing Uganda. Let’s amend it” Museveni

“There’s no money for menstrual pads for girls”

“The enkonome is pheeewwwww” Finance minister.

“We shall smash everyone threatening my father’s throne. Bachwezi are indomitable” former LDU turned general.

“Every worker should contribute 10k to fight Corona virus.

Seguya muntu yena. Tewali ayanyamba. Sente zenina nazekolela. So I don’t need anyone.

Don’t touch the corrupt people. They are the investors we have. When they steal, they build 5 star hotels here. Leave them alone.

If you cant afford bread, Go and eat cassava.

We are increasing only science teachers salaries not ARTS. Those who studied ARTS dont matter alot. They contribute less to the country. (NB: M7 studied political science. Hope he is a scientist).

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