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‘We Shall Use Our Guns To Finish Off Bobi Wine And His People Power’-Col. Bantariza Warns

Deputy Government spokesperson Col. Shaban Bantariza has warned People Power leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine that they (government and army) shall use their guns to finish  him off Bobi Wine and his Kasukali people.

Col. Bantariza revealed this on social Media Centre a few days ago when posted that “I pity people who think NRM can hand over power, we would rather go back to the bush to sort these people.”

He added that “I have three guns on standby in my car, let Bobi Wine and his group continue with their Kasukali, for us we don’t use Kasukali we use fire and indeed we shall use fire to put off that Kasukali to maintain peace. Bobi Wine can’t be president of Uganda.”

However, Bobi Wine is yet to respond to Col. Bantariza, who hasn’t clearly explained whether this is a warning or threat.Bobi Wine has attracted lots of attention ever since he expressed his intention to contest for presidency come 2021.

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