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We shall fight homosexuality by all means – MP Namanya.

The Rubabo County Member of Parliament Naboth Namanya has said that he is rallying fellow Mps to fight Homosexuality by all means whether legal or illegal.
Hon. Namanya who was elected to the 11th parliament on the FDC ticket made the statements while participating in a radio talk show, to discuss the Anti-Homosexuality bill that was presented before parliament last week.
Namanya said that, even if passed into law, the Anti-Homosexuality bill, may not be enough to scare away agents of homosexuality, and therefore Ugandans will need other means of fighting the problem, even if the means are not legalized.
“We are going to fight this Homosexuality war by all means, and I will personally rally fellow MPs to join this war, with both legal and non-legal instruments,” he said.
Hon. Namanya(in photo above) also suggested that Government should reduce unnecessary expenditure in order to reduce dependence on donor funding which he said would obstruct the fight against Homosexuality.
“We need to reduce dependence on these donors. They are the ones supporting Homosexuality. Even if it means reducing the security detail of the President, and our own salaries at parliament,” Namanya said, adding that “Ugandans should choose between cutting expenditures or sell the country into Homosexuality”.
On the same radio talk show, Kabale District Deputy RDC Ronald Bakaki supported Hon. Namanaya’s proposal to use legal and non legal means in the fight against Homosexuality.
“This is business unusual. I am impressed by Hon. Namanya’s statement that they will use both legal and non legal means, because Homosexuality is not only against the culture and moral setting of this country. It is rebellion against God.” He said.
DRDC Bakaki also noted that the next budget of Uganda is focused on reduction of dependence on loans and donor funding, which gives Ugandans hope that the fight against Homosexuality will not be sabotaged by foreign funders.
The FDC Vice Chairperson Gideon Tumwesigye said that fighting against Homosexuality would be successful if President Museveni took the lead and tasked the cabinet to collectively join him. Mr. Tumwesigye also challenged religious leaders to join the Church of Uganda Archbishop Stephen Kazimba in intensifying the campaign against Homosexuality.
“I have seen President Museveni refuse to endorse Homosexuality, but his Ministers are silent. Even the religious leaders are quiet, apart from Archbishop Kazimba and a few others,” Tumwesigye said.
Last week, the Bugiri Municipality Mp Basalirwa tabled the Anti-Homosexuality Bill shortly after the Ministry of Finance issued the financial implication certificate for the same. If passed into law, the bill seeks to criminalize homosexuality and set punishments for culprits, which include heavy fines and imprisonment.

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