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War For Believers Erupts As Bugingo’s Wife Opens Rival Church

By Keefa Nuwahereza

A bitter war for believers has broken out in Kampala after pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s estranged wife Teddy Naluswa opened up  her own Church to rival her husband’s House of Prayer Ministries Church in Bwaise.

Naluswa launched her church on Saturday at a function  which was attended by hundreds of followers at Hotel Triangle in Kampala.
It should be noted that since May 2019, Naluswa has been having family issues with Bugingo and apparently he is demanding for a divorce [case already in court] alleging that he can no longer stay with her.

Jessica Kayanja with Teddy Naluswa Bugingo during the launch of her launch

He accused her of allegedly conspiring to steal his Church land, several property worth billions of shillings as well as trying to kill him.
“I have tried to always keep quiet to respect Teddy but she is playing the sympathy card too much. She says she has been with me for 29 years through thick and thin.

But how come she doesn’t talk about her haemorrhage (fistula). My wife bled for 10 years. Every single day, I bought cotton since pads could no longer contain her flow. I didn’t have sex for those 10 years. I didn’t even cheat.

Some of the believers who attended Teddy Naluswa’s church launch

How come I didn’t get another woman in those years? Surely people must know that if I were to leave, it would have been then. I have been patient, I have tried all my best to make this thing work. Let her stop claiming she is the one who tried her best,” Bugingo said.

Naluswa has since denied the allegations and opposed the divorce petition, stating that church marriage is meant to last for forever and that her husband has no valid issues as to why he is divorcing her.

In October, Bugingo proposed to his new lover Susan Makula Nantaba, who is currently expecting their firstborn.

Makula is an employee at Salt Radio and TV and the couple started dating way back in 2016.
However, sources reveal that several followers at Bugingo’s church are caught at crossroads, wondering whether to stay at his church or cross over to to Naluswa’s new church

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