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Two Men Nabbed For Stealing 10 Pigs in Mukono

Two youths were arrested in Ddandira village in Mukono municipality this morning with more than 10 stolen pigs. The robbery took place at Seeta Nazigo in Nakisunga Sub county in the wee hours.
The culprits are Salongo Mulindwa and Waswa Eriyazali Semuwemba; these were found while preparing to slaughter the animals in the local slaughter area belonging to one David Makanga.
David Makanga revealed that he found them in the morning as he reported to his workplace as he became suspicious. He made an alarm as well as calling the local area leaders and they managed to arrest the suspects and three others managed to escape.
Makanga refuted the false allegations propagated against him by some residents that he was part of the group that stole people’s animals.
“I do my pork business in broad daylight and before I buy a big from anyone I make sure that I visit the place where the pigs are kept for purposes of safety and proof” Said Makanga.
The residents angrily forced the youths to sit on the dead animals then tasked them to reveal where they had stollen the animals from and claimed that they were called to do the work by their boss who is on the run.
Residents told us that theft of animals and food is rampant in the village, and the residents are not happy that the village authorities do not pay attention because every time they suspect someone and report to the village authorities do not act.
Bananzeki Ronah, Ddandira village secretary, blamed the theft in the area on youths who do not want to work and turn to denying jobs that can generate some little income for them and then turn to stealing.
“The youth in this area don’t want to work even if they are called to do simple jobs like digging to they deny, they spend most of the time in bars” Said Bananzeki.
Police arrived and ordered the culprits to carry the Pigs and loaded them onto the police truck and they were also taken to Mukono police custody.

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