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Tayebwa orders UCC and UNBS to ban adverts of substandard products.

Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa has ordered the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) to ban media advertisements of substandard products that have flooded the market.
Tayebwa noted with concern that, much as substandard products continue to pose a risk to the lives of Ugandans, manufacturers are always accessing the media to advertise.
“If it is illegal to have a non-certified product on the market, then how do you allow it to be advertised?” Tayebwa wondered.
His concern followed a matter of national importance raised by Arua Central legislator, Jackson Atima, who informed Parliament of the death of 14 people in West Nile after allegedly consuming a locally manufactured alcohol called City 5.
Atima informed Parliament that survivors of the alcoholic drink are being treated at Arua Regional Referral Hospital and other health facilities in the West Nile sub-region.
“This drink is uncertified and a lot of substandard goods are produced in this country. They are sent to the market. There are also uncertified goods that are imported into this country,” said Atima.
Tayebwa directed the clerk to record the details contained on the bottles before handing them over to the sergeant-at-arms who will link up with investigating agencies.
The state minister for Trade in charge of Industry, David Bahati informed Parliament that the factory which has been producing the liquor has been closed while the police have arrested the people behind the product.
The minister informed Parliament that his ministry is set to work with UCC and the Ministry of Information, ICT and National Guidance to ensure that the adverts for the substandard products are stopped.
Government was asked to give UNBS enough enforcement support similar to the one it gives the Ministry of Health in the fight against fake drugs on the market.

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