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Tanzania: Lissu Named Main Opposition Candidate, Vows To Oust Magufuli

By Our Reporter

Tundu Lissu has been named as the main opposition candidate for Tanzania’s presidential election.

Tanzania’s main opposition, Chadema party, on Tuesday unanimously approved Tundu Lissu’s candidacy for the October 28 general election, after he won a party vote.

Heavyweight Lissu, a former Member of Parliament and Chadema’s deputy chairman, was shot at 16 times in a 2017 assassination attempt, before he fled into exile.

He returned to the East African country from exile last month and described Magufuli’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic as “a national embarrassment”.

Tanzania has not released official Coronavirus figures since late April, and unlike most African countries, it has taken no specific measures against the pandemic. Magufuli has repeatedly asserted that Tanzania has no Coronavirus patients.

The country’s opposition fears the general election will take place in a climate of violence and intimidation, and has called for the formation of an independent electoral commission.

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