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Talent is talent –here is a barber who shaves customers using an axe.

A Kenyan barber gained a lot of attention after pictures of him using an axe to shave customers’ hair went viral.
At Clippers Kings barbershop, Julius Mwangi shaves hair with an axe.
Mwangi has been a barber since 2014 though he started shaving with an axe years later. Mwangi said he took up the axe to attract new clients, admitting that it worked.
Famous people were coming around often and I decided to look for a unique way to attract customers and make shaving fun. That is how I landed on an axe,” he said.
He did, however, acknowledge that not everyone enjoys having their head shaved with an axe.
When people hear of a barber shaving with an axe, they are curious to know where. Some come to see and take photos with the axe but prefer not to be shaved with it.
Some come full of fear, but I help them overcome it, he said.
Mwangi revealed that shaving with an axe has some advantages over the shaving machine.
“The axe gives a smoother shave which is more suitable for the Jordan style. Also, when there is a blackout, I continue with my work as usual,” he said.
The barber also revealed that the axe is better suited for shaving clients with full beards.

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