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Sudan Prime Minister Hamdok Survives Assassination Attempt

By Elite Reporter

Abdallah Hamdok, the Sudan prime minister, survived being assassinated on Monday, in Khartoum, after unknown assailants attacked his convoy.

According to the State television, prime minister Hamdok is safe after the blast that occurred in the Sudan capital.

Security officers inspect Abdallah Hamdok’s vehicle after the attack

Shortly after the incident, Hamdok wrote on Twitter that he was “safe and in good shape” .

“What happened will not stop the path of change, it will be nothing but an additional push in the strong waves of the revolution,” added the veteran economist, who became prime minister in August, months after a pro-democracy movement forced the army to remove longtime President Bashar al-Bashir.

Members of Hamdok’s office said that the attack happened as the prime minister was heading to his office. However, there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Prime Minister Hamdok’s tweet after the attack

Falih Salih, Sudan’s information minister, said an investigation was under way to determine who was behind the attack.

“Terrorist attempts and dismantling the old regime will be dealt with decisively,” he said.

Al-Bashir’s overthrow last April was followed by months of negotiations between the military and the pro-democracy movement.

Locals gathering at the scene of the explosion

The two sides reached a power-sharing deal in August which established a joint military-civilian, 11-member sovereign council that will govern Sudan for the next three years, when elections are scheduled to be held.

The prime minister has pledged to work towards ending the country’s economic crisis and establishing peace.

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