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Spice Diana advises teenagers not to quit school because of music.

Singer Hajjarah Diana Namukwaya alias Spice Diana has urged teenagers who want to be musicians to stay in school.
Spice Diana, a 2018 Makerere University Bachelor of Industrial Arts and Design graduate, said this morning during an interview on local television that teenagers should stop believing joining the music industry is a quick route to success.
Spice Diana asserted that studying while doing music is possible.
“Most teenagers think that to join music, you have to drop out of school. I wanted to inspire all the teenagers out there that you’re not supposed to drop out of school to do music. You can be in school while you’re making your music,” she said.
Teenagers in recent years have shown that it is possible to be active in both school and the music industry. Examples include Baby Gloria, Fresh Kid, Patricia Sitya Loss, Felista Da Superstar, and Ring Rapper.
Meanwhile, Spice Diana revealed that Juliana Kanyomozi, Rema Namakula, and Irene Namubiru inspired her to pursue a music career.

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