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Speaker Among calls for policy to harmonize school fees.

The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among has called for the establishment of a policy to harmonize school fees in Uganda.
Among expressed concerns about the significant variations in school fees charged by different institutions leading to hardships for parents and students during a plenary sitting at parliament.
Among said that the current lack of regulation has resulted in schools setting their fees arbitrarily, leading to significant disparities across the education sector beyond what parents can afford.
She then called for an urgent policy to complement school fees and promote access to education for all.
“The harmonization of school fees would create a level playing field and ensure that no student is denied access to education due to unaffordable fees,” she said.
The proposed policy, she said, would provide a clear framework for setting fees by considering factors such as access to education for low-income earners and children of peasants, among others.
“Government needs to come up with a policy on how we can make sure that the school fees are regulated and nobody should be able to charge high fees, it is actually exploitation,” she said.
Among emphasized that the policy should be sensitive to the economic situation of parents and guardians and encourage transparency in the fees setting process.
The appeal comes as a relief to many struggling parents and students in Uganda who have been burdened with high education expenses.

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