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Single & Lonely: Celebs Who Endured Loneliness On Valentine’s Day

By Keefa Nuwahereza

The world is engulfed by a love mood because yesterday, Friday February was Valentine’s Day, during which several Ugandans expressed love for their partners in all ways possible.

However, there are several celebs who are very lonely and didn’t enjoy Valentine’s Day at all, because they have no lovers to shower upon. The list is very long but here are some of those who were nursing cold nights on Valentine’s Day;

Eddy Kenzo

He was dumped by his baby Mama Rema Namakula, who decided to dish out her bean to Dr Hamza Ssebunya and on Valentine’s Day she had a music concert, after which she returned home to get warmed up with Ssebunya, while Kenzo was coiling in his bed alone.

Eddy Kenzo

Juliana Kanyomozi

This sexy songbird has been living a lonely life ever since her relationships with men like  Kassim Ouma, Amon Lukwago Evord Lutalo and other guys failed to work out. Despite all her sexiness, Juliana seems to have decided to live like a Nun for the rest of her life, yet there are many loaded men willing to turn her into a wife. She has since been linked a rally ace only identified as Bukenya, but still there are no signs of settling down to start a family.

Juliana Kanyomozi

Bina Baby

 This veteran radio presenter has always complained to friends about how lonely she is.  She was once dating her former workmate Wilber Mpiima but ever since he dumped her Bina Baby hasn’t found some other man to treat her like a baby, yet time is fast running out on her. Bina Baby is one of the high ranking babes in Uganda’s Spinster Brigade.

 Sheila Nvanungi

The gorgeous veteran radio presenter turned Senga (Sexpert) has been around  town for several years, attending or performing at peoples Kwanjula and wedding ceremonies but it’s as if she will never attend her own. Nvanungi has not been known to officially date any man, save for her stints with former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya and actor John Ssegawa, which were just flings. The clock is fast-ticking away for Nvanungi, who is said to be nearing her forties.

Desire Luzinda

After dating so many men and failing to find anyone to last long with, it seems Desire will never enjoy the hapinness of marriage. Desire has a long list of men who include Ken Ntaro, Juma Seiko, Michael Kaddu, Franklin Emobour, Jack Pemba Emmanuel Lwasa, to mention but  a few. However, she has never convinced any of them that she is wife material, so in most cases they hit and run! 

Desire Luzinda

Argatha Loshwash

The only man who had managed to tame Agatha was Sam Akatuhumuza but shortly after siring a tot with her he got overwhelmed and scattered. Agatha’s raging thirst for booze and relentless appetite for pork make it hard for her to think of love, romance or being with a man in general, according to pals. Her friends actually intimate that she would rather be with a bottle of liquor and Kikalaya instead of being stressed by a guy. No wonder ever since she split with her baby daddy, Agatha hasn’t settled down with another man yet.

Argatha Loswash

Santa Anzo

She is a socialite cum fashionista who has designed several wedding dresses for her friends and clients. However, Anzo seems to be waiting for Santa Claus to bring her a Christmas gift in form of a wedding, or else she will be a spinster forever, unless she gets divine intervention ASAP.

Sylvie Owori

She was once married to a Mzungu pensioner identified as Purr Mink, but their marriage collapsed shortly after she gave birth a black kid, who was later linked to former Kampala mayor Nasser Ntege Ssebagala. However, she later hooked up a Toyboy called Malik Kaliisa, whose Wire she enjoyed for several months until they parted ways. Since then Owori has not been featuring on the dating radar, despite her not being far away from menopause.

Sylvie Owori

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