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Shoddy work experience, residents regret giving 80 million to Betty Nambooze and Henry Bakireke .

The heavy rain that swept through the villages of Lweza, Lower Nabuti, Kigombya and Kitega in Mukono town last night has left hundreds without accommodation as all their houses were affected by the floods.
The most affected residents are bitter over MP Betty Nambooze’s husband, Engineer Henry Bakireke, for the poor quality work based on the 80 million shillings he was given by the Lweza community.
At the beginning of 2023 the residents through their leaders decided to raise 80 million, it was a house to house drive and other funds came from overseas from the people affiliated to Lweza community purposely to have the bridge constructed.
After raising the money they handed over the contract to the Bakirekes to do the work and the work was done in one month and the Mukono woman legislator Betty Nambooze was the chief guest in handing over the bridge last week.
Unfortunately the bridge was washed away by the floods. Among the affected residents are 70 year old Nakiyimba Sarah, a resident of Kitega village, whom we found cleaning her house reported that all her belongings in the house were destroyed. She cried out to the prime minister Robinah Nabbanja
“The floods entered our house where i stay with my 110 year old Father, we slept standing until morning, let these municipality people construct stream because every rain season we suffer” Said Nakiyimba
At Lweza, the residents who were on their way to work got stuck as the bridge was nowhere to be seen. At Kitega and Lower Nabuti villages houses and perimeter fences were put down and people were found collecting water from their houses while others were making temporary shelters.
The residents faulted Engineer Henry Bakireke and Mukono municipality member of Parliament for handing over the unfinished bridge to the public.
On the side of Kigombya and Nangwa villages, water cut off all roads and damaged property including bricks, and crops, and people decided to take off their shoes to cross, and residents told us school children did not bother to study.
Lweeza Village Chairman Joachim Sendi blamed the situation on the town authorities for allowing the rich to construct in the wetlands especially on the Kame canal.
Mukono Central division chairman Peter Kabanda told us that many people have been badly affected and houses have been weakened which has put people in danger, and he has called on the ministry of disaster preparedness to come out to help the affected people.
The canal was completed two weeks ago and the contractor was Mr Bakireke Henry, husband of MP Betty Nambooze. It was built at the tune of 80 million collected from residents under the Bulungi bwansi program.
Engineer Henry Bakireke, who is being contracted by the residents to build the road, declined to comment on the incident.

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