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Shock as ‘dead man’ resurrects three years after his funeral.

On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, at Bugolya Village in Budaka District, Mr. Wilberforce Mbulamaye reappeared after being assumed dead and “buried” on June 3, 2020.
On January 3, 2015, Mr. Mbulamaye, a 54-year-old father of five from Bugolya village, Nabugalo Parish, Kameruka Sub-county, mysteriously disappeared. He had been a prisoner in Budaka since December 2014, serving time for assaulting a neighbor.
After that, he moved to Gomba District and began working as a day laborer on several farms there. He didn’t uproot with his loved ones, and he didn’t keep anyone apprised of his movements. According to Mr. Balinawa Mubale, Mr. Mbulamaye’s brother, even though the whereabouts of Mr. Mbulamaye is unknown, his ghost can possess his children and cause them pain.
Mr. Mubale explained, “Every time it happened, we couldn’t take it seriously since these spirits could attack, demanding the family members go and fetch the bones from Galilaya-Kisalizi in Gomba District for a befitting burial at his home.“He claims that the relatives of Mr. Mbulamaye gathered resources, including money and a vehicle, to search for his body. His two possessed offspring accompanied the expedition and showed their family the way to the grave where their dad was buried.
Mr. Mubale stated, “Upon arriving at the aforementioned site, we had to involve the police and the local leaders.” We tried to explain the issue to them, but they had no idea my brother had died either. His tomb was near a farm, and the locals performed rituals and invoked devils to have these kids lead us there.
They found a body wrapped in a blanket, brought it home to complete the appropriate ceremonies, and then buried it. As Mbulamaye unexpectedly entered the house, everyone was taken aback to see him alive. On Wednesday, Mr. Mubale informed this outlet, “This means that we buried a different individual, not our brother.”
On Tuesday a swarm of Mbulamaye family members and neighbors descend on his house to purify him through traditional ceremonies. Mr. Mbulamaye and the community spent the evening toasting his life with alcohol and dancing.
Mr. Mbulamaye said he ran into his brother-in-law, Mr. John Mwanika, on his way to one of the farms in the Gomba District on Tuesday morning. Until his brother-in-law walked up to him and introduced himself, Mr. Mwanika had no idea who he was.
Mr. Mbulamaye added, “He cried because he was one of the persons who had “buried me” three years ago.”They didn’t waste any time and set up their trip to Budaka for that very day.
“Returning to my beloved home is like coming full circle.” Mr. Mbulamaye stated, “Praise God, my family is entire again.”

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