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Security orders shoot to kill policy in Mukono.

In a bid to eliminate the escalating gun robbery and panga wielding gangs that has created uncomfort to the people Mukono municipality and its neighborhood, security agencies have vowed to take a tougher stance against the perpetrators of these crimes.

During a joint security meeting held at Mukono district headquarters on Wednesday, which consisted of all local area chairpersons, PISO, GISO, DISO, Rdc, dpc and Kampala metropolitan leaders.

During the meeting the local chairpersons were faulted for not doing enough to register the residents in the villages, but instead they concentrated on land transaction deals.

However, the local chairpersons in retaliation, said that their work is in most cases being hindered by landlords who don’t want to register their tenants and residents who don’t want to attend village meetings.

Col. Fred Mwesigye UPDF operation TOKORA commander Kampala metropolitan ordered his updf counterparts to shoot-to-kill against suspected armed robbers.

“Col. Kalema, why don’t you kill these people? from today please shoot them because they are armed” said Mwesigye.

Fatuma Ndisaba the Mukono residents district commissioner, revealed that there is a need to limit bars, discotheques and overnight church prayers, because in most cases the wrong doers hide in at night.

Ndisaba also warned the politicians who sabotage security operations in Mukono because they don’t want to lose support, because when security arrest wrong doers they are being bailed out by politicians and also speak ill against our operations.

AIGP Edward Ochom cautioned local area chairpersons to register new occupants in their villages and they should also come along with letters from their former village leaders.

Ochom lashed out to Mukono police officers for exhibiting laziness at work while people are being robbed and shot, you are just posing with decorations and he said the value those decorations the satisfactory of the people they

nothing without service delivery.

“See them they are all decorated, thieves are not sleeping you are sleeping, they are planning you are not planning, if you want to sleep i will take you where to sleep, Ochom Warned.

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