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Running Battles As Mukono Leaders Halt Street Parking Fees.

Mukono municipality officials have clashed with employees of Joseneous Investment LTD, which was given the job of collecting street parking fees, against the company for operating illegally because their contract had expired.
Led by Mukono central division chairman Robert Peter Kabanda, they went to trading centers of Nasuuti, Nabuti, Wantoni and Seeta streets and attacked the employees who were found collecting money and took away their receipts and boards without allowing any employee to defend himself.
The councilors accused the town clerk of making secret contracts and awarding contracts without the knowledge of the Mukono municipality councilors. They alleged that they have numerous complaints of residents whose motor vehicles were impounded for failure to pay parking fees.
“Our people are being exploited by this illegal company, and we cannot allow this to continue. Our motorists are complaining alot” Said Babirye Bayat.
However, the residents said they were not consulted about the scheme and watched the money being taken from them.
Robert Peter Kabanda, chairman of Mukono central division, said they have written to town clerk Godfrey Kisekka asking him to suspend the street parking charges as the procedures of bringing the contractor in Mukono was not transparent.
He added that there was no money going to the municipality treasury, that they were supposed to receive Uganda shillings 2 million per month totaling to 36 million a year but the money is nowhere to be seen, he alleged the money ends in individuals bank accounts.
Joseneous LTD was awarded the contract in 2021 but since then there has been numerous resistance and demonstration from motorists protesting the contractor. The outgoing Mukono town clerk Godfrey Kiseeka declined to comment on the matter.

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