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Rema Chokes On Kwanjula Debts As Bailiffs Attach Her Car

By Keefa Nuwahereza

All is not well between singer Rema Namakula and her new lover Dr Hamza Sebunya, after the couple failed to clear debts they incurred during the organisation of their Kwanjula (introduction) ceremony which they held last month.

Rema Namakula and Hamza Sebunya

Elite News has learnt that Rema, who footed the biggest percentage of the Kwanjula budget, is currently in a dilemma, because she is  choking on heavy debts.

We have learnt that Rema, who is singer Eddy Kenzo’s ex-lover, borrowed hundreds of millions of shillings from a city moneylender to bankroll her glamorous Kwanjula with Sebunya, which she has since failed to pay back.

Rema Namakula’s Prado TX in a car bond

The money was spent on  service providers  who worked on organising the function, transportation, gifts, clothing, makeup, salon, romantic getaway at Queen Elizabeth National Park, etc but now the moneylender wants it yet Rema’s wallet is not happy at all currently.

As a result of their failure to pay the debts we are told the Moneylender has since instructed bailiffs to attach Rema’s vehicle, a Prado TX registration number UAZ 603Q, which will be auctioned so as to raise part of the money she owes. It is currently parked in a car bond in Kampala.

However, it is likely that more of Rema’s properties might be attached, because the value of the vehicle is said to be way less than the actual money she owes.

We have also learnt that as a way of making ends meet, Rema has since sold her upcoming concert to a city events promoter, who gave her some dime to reduce on the debt burden as she and Sebunya hunt for  more money to settle the Moneylender.

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