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Ramadhan is a special month of helping the needy and being good to others.

Ramadhan is an embodiment of spiritual and physical worship to cleanse oneself of evil while experiencing the woes of the poor.
It is a reminder for Muslims that if Allah has blessed them with abundance, they should be willing to share those blessings with their brothers and sisters.
A Muslim scholar, Dr. Muhammad Kiggundu Musoke said given the fact that Ramadhan is a special month, no Muslim should lose a single step in maximising the benefits of this month.
“We do understand that the first step of becoming a man or a woman who can trust and who can practice brotherhood is by a wealthy brother feeding the needy or feeding the one who is in need,” he said.
He explained the brotherhood that is being portrayed during this month of Ramadhan should be at its help where everyone who has the ability to help those in need should always come out and help.
“There is no time that you think you will come out greatly and help one another than the month of Ramadhan where all of you are going under a test of having no food, having no drink and abstaining from each and everything, “he said.
During Ramadan this month, little acts that may go a long way to earn a Muslim an eternal abode in paradise (Jannah).

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