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Queen Of Katwe Actress Waligwa Succumbs To Brain Cancer

By Keefa Nuwahereza

Teenage actress Nictor Pearl Waligwa, who acted in the popular Uganda movie ‘Queen of Katwe’ is no more,  after breathing her last on Saturday night.

Nickita Pearl Waligwa (RIP)

Family sources reveal that Waligwa, 15  years, who acted as Gloria in the ‘Queen of Katwe’ movie succumbed to brain cancer last night  and  died at a city medical facility where she had been bedridden.

Sources reveal that Nikita will be laid to rest on Monday at her father’s home in Kabojja. and that there will be a funeral service at Namirembe Cathedral at 3:00pm prior to the burial.

What Is Brain Cancer?

Brain cancer can have a wide variety of symptoms including seizures, sleepiness, confusion, and behavioral changes. Not all brain tumors are cancerous, and benign tumors can result in similar symptoms.

Types of Brain Cancer

Brain tumors are abnormal growths of cells in the brain.

Although such growths are popularly called brain tumors, not all brain tumors are cancer. Cancer is a term reserved for malignant tumors.

Malignant tumors can grow and spread aggressively, overpowering healthy cells by taking their space, blood, and nutrients. They can also spread to distant parts of the body. Like all cells of the body, tumor cells need blood and nutrients to survive.

Example of a brain tumor

Tumors that do not invade nearby tissue or spread to distant areas are called benign.

In general, a benign tumor is less serious than a malignant tumor. But a benign tumor can still cause many problems in the brain by pressing on nearby tissue.

In the U.S., brain or nervous system tumors affect about 6 of every 1,000 people.

Primary Brain Cancers

The brain is made up of many different types of cells.

Some brain cancers occur when one type of cell transforms from its normal characteristics. Once transformed, the cells grow and multiply in abnormal ways.

As these abnormal cells grow, they become a mass, or tumor.

The brain tumors that result are called primary brain tumors because they originate in the brain.

The most common primary brain tumors are gliomas, meningiomas, pituitary adenomas, vestibular schwannomas, and primitive neuroectodermal tumors (medulloblastomas).

 The term glioma includes glioblastomas, astrocytomas, oligodendrogliomas, and ependymomas.

Most of these are named after the part of the brain or the type of brain cell from which they arise.

Metastatic Brain Cancer

Metastatic brain tumors are made of cancerous cells from a tumor elsewhere in the body. The cells spread to the brain from another tumor in a process called metastasis. This is the most common type of brain tumor.

Causes of Brain Cancer

As with tumors elsewhere in the body, the exact cause of most brain cancer is unknown. Genetic factors, various environmental toxins, radiation to the head, HIV infection, and cigarette smoking have all been linked to cancers of the brain. In most cases, no clear cause can be shown.

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