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President Museveni yet to fulfil 2016 Shs 48bn pledge to Kabale University.

Museveni is yet to fulfil the Shs 48 billion pledge to Kabale University for face-lifting.

Edison Kakuru, the chairman university council says that in 2016, Museveni who was the guest of honour during the graduation ceremony pledged the money to help in the face-lifting of the university.

He says that the university administration has waited for the pledge to be fulfilled in vain. As a result, the university is still accommodating students in dilapidated hostels. He also says that even the dilapidated hostels are not enough, which forced students to rent outside the university.

According to Kakuru, the failure to provide decent accommodation has contributed to the university’s struggles to attract students from neighbouring foreign countries. Prof Joy Kwesiga, University vice chancellor says that all the efforts to follow up on the pledge have been futile.

Chris Baryomunsi, minister for Information and National Guidance said that he will table the demands before the government to see if it can be possible for the pledge to be fulfilled.

Kabale University currently has an enrollment of 4,347 students and 356 staff members.

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