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Police suggests banning boda bodas from using northern bypass.

The Police Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety has proposed banning boda bodas from using the northern bypass to reduce the increasing carnage on the road.
“Traffic has done enough research and this research is on the two-wheelers, we can mention one of the high-risk corridors to be the northern bypass. If we removed the two-wheelers from this road we would register less fatalities of these motorcycles and passengers on them,”, the Acting traffic commander Lawrence Niwabiine revealed during the release of the annual traffic report in Kampala.
According to the report, police are now aware of all high-risk and major crash locations that have been identified, including places where pedestrians are killed and injured the most.
The report further added that boda boda riders have infiltrated rural regions, and the law enforcement agency is planning to undertake an initiative to bring traffic enforcement to the grassroots level of feeder roads.
“We are going to the grassroots to incorporate our traffic strategies and hopefully we shall improve,” Niwabiine said.
“I would like to the IGP to link road safety to all the sectors of the economy that contribute a lot of revenue to this country. Maybe when road safety is understood by the elite, we can reverse the situation,” he added.
Despite the fact that police deal with speed by the physical deployment of officers and patrol of speed corridors, the two techniques are supposedly insufficient, necessitating the use of automated police enforcement technologies.
To improve traffic and accident control in the country even further, the directorate of traffic has established a data analysis centre at Nateete, which will inform enforcement strategy as well as which type of technology and IT systems to utilise, particularly in the inspectorate of vehicles.

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