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Pictorial: Behind The Scenes As The Lumumbas Renewed Marital Vows

By Keefa Nuwahereza
This week we reported about how National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General Kasule Lumumba had renewed her vows with hubby Patrick Lumumba, a lecturer at Kyambogo University.

The couple held a glamorous ceremony at Lubaga Cathedral in Kampala, where they exuded romance and passionate affection as they exchanged vows again.

Shortly after the ceremony, then hosted guests at one of the city hotels to a banquet, where they even enjoyed  a boat cruise.

While expressing her appreciation for all their friends and well-wishers who attended the function, Justine tweeted thus;” I thank everyone that joined Mr Patrick Lumumba and I at Lubaga Cathedral yesterday where we renewed our marriage vows as we marked and celebrated having made 20 years in holly matrimony.”

She added that “Thanks Ms Esther Soyet, the District Woman MP, Hon. Amaka Rose Atima, the district NRM Vice Chairperson Mr Acidri Buga Killi among other Party and district leaders accompanied by the NRM Deputy National Treasurer, Hon. Dr Omona Kenneth Olusegun and staff of the NRM.”

However, our Moles have since landed on a cache of pictures taken at the function which you hadn’t seen and here they are;

Justine and Patrick Lumumba shortly after exchanging Vows
Justine puts a ring on hubby Lumumba’s finger
They passionately hug after exchanging Vows
Justine Kasule Lumumba poses for a snap after the function
Justine’s tweet thanking all the guests who attended the function

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