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Pastors Bugingo, Bugembe Finally End Longtime Beefing

By Keefa Nuwahereza

Popular city pastors  Aloysius Bugingo and Wilson Bugembe finally buried the hatchet  after beefing for a very long time.

Pastor Bugingo with new lover Susan Makula

The two pastors reunited during a morning service at Bugembe’s church in Nansana on Saturday. 

The two have been enemies for quite some time but seemingly the holy spirit touched their souls to dilute down their aimless enmity. 

Pastors Bugingo and Bugembe after burying their hatchet

Bugingo was also accompanied by his wife Suzan Bujingo.

The big crowd of  ‘sheep’ that attended the service shouted with massive happiness as they saw the two reunite once again.

During the  reunion, both Bugingo and Bugembe prayed to God to end the fighting among all pastors and men of God.

Bugingo and Bugembe fell out after a long period of warring over superiority in the field of divine service.

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