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Pastor Bugingo Spoils Side-dish With Sleek Shs400m Range Rover, Enjoys Bonking Marathon At Top Hotel

By Keefa Nuwasasira

Popular city pastor Aloysius Bugingo, of  House of Prayer Ministries, is literally spoiling his side-dish Susan Makula Nantaba with all the niceties that money can buy.

We have learnt that Bugingo over the weekend gifted Makula with a swanky Range Rover that is estimated to be worth over Shs400m, on top of booking for her a whole suite at one of the top hotels, where they spent nights merrymaking.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and new catch Susan Makula

Sources at Bugingo’s church intimate that this was his version of a baby shower for Makula, who is soon dropping their firstborn.

Bugingo and Makula made their affair official last year after he broke up with his long-time wife Teddy Naluswa and to move in with the Side-dish.

Susan Makula checks out the Range Rover

He later visited her parents during a private function that was tightly guarded by army and  Uganda police officers, such that Naluswa and or any of her agents could not disrupt it.

The sleek Rage Rover Bugingo bought for Side-dish Makula

A few weeks after visiting her parents, Bugingo and  Makula got engaged at a private function that was held at one of the hotels in Kampala, which was attended by both his and her parents, plus a few close family members.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and Susan Makula heading to their Hotel suite for Marathons

The couple is said to be planning a mega wedding, although it cannot happen until Bugingo’s ex-wife Naluswa officially grants him a wedding, something she has since refused to do, claiming that she still loves him as the father of her children.     

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