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Parents deserting cleft lip and cleft palates babies .

Medical practitioners have expressed concern over the spiritual myths associated with babies born with Cleft lip and Cleft palate deformity; it has resulted in acts of parents deserting their babies in hospitals leaving them to guidians and relatives.
They revealed the challenge while being trained as speech therapists to the children with speech articulation issues after being operated against the deformity.
Guardians of the victims narrated to us how these children were discriminated against before being treated in communities starting from their biological parents and relatives, they opted to hide them from the rest of the public because they were called all sorts of names.
According to Dr. Eric Mugoya, the children face speech articulation challenges after surgery, thus facing stigma at schools, that is why the smile train organization came up with a training for health workers so that they go to the communities to help the victims regain their speech capabilities.
Duncan Musasizi a speech therapist said the cause of cleft lip is not specific on anything but genetics plays the greatest role in it and also nutrition when the mother is pregnant.
The program was organized by Smile Train, attracting doctors, nurses and midwives from East African countries.

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