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Panic as several State House Staff test positive for COVID-19

By elite newsroom

State house Entebbe: President Museveni confirmed that several of state house staff tested positive for coronavirus; Courtesy Photo

Several staff members of state house Entebbe over the weekend tested positive for COVID-19 creating panic in the country’s top office.

The unfortunate news were broke by President Yoweri Museveni during a campaign meeting with NRM leaders from the south western Rukungiri and Kanungu districts, while he canvassed for votes in the region on Monday.

In his address, Museveni thanked the people of Rukungiri for the warm welcome they accorded him but also apologized for not stopping over to wave to the locals saying he wanted to emphasize the need to discourage crowding which could lead to spread of coronavirus. He said politicians on campaign trails can easily attract crowds and cause covid-19 spread.

As if to demonstrate further how serious the coronavirus disease is, President Museveni stated that a more recent mass testing program held inside state house confirmed several cases of the disease in his office.

Speaking in Runyakitara, Museveni said 3 groups from his close staff including the presidential press team and the household staff tested positive just before his visit to Rukungiri on Monday.

“Even in my office the state house, there are groups we found they had coronavirus” Museveni said and confirmed that it prompted him to take several covid-19 tests to avoid a scenario “a president spreading the disease.”

“I said no, first test me because I couldn’t risk bringing coronavirus to the people of Rukungiri. I was tested and found that i didn’t have the coronavirus”

He however noted that if he had been found to be positive for coronavirus, he would have announced it and another alternative means to channel his message like use of media sought. He also stated that his scientists already have a drug under trials and he would have taken the drug and waited until he heals before embarking on the campaign trail.

Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi who received the president in the region expressed disgust over other presidential candidates who are not complying with the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) to prevent spread of coronavirus saying they are exacerbating the spread of infections.

Jim Muhwezi appreciated Museveni for his resolute effort in the campaign to stop covid-19 spread but also assured him of support from people of Rukungiri in the forthcoming elections. Muhwezi pledged to deliver NRM victory in Rukungiri with 85 percent vote for Museveni.

“The people of Rukungiri have realized the folly of subscribing to opposition politics and have generally turned around to embrace the movement (NRM) and to mend fences with the system you have nurtured, evolved and popularized. Our target is not less than 85 per cent in the next election” Jim Muhwezi said. President Museveni advised the people of Rukungiri and Kanungu against divisive politics which he said has been a major challenge in Uganda’s politics dating back to colonial times

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