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Over 20 people perished in Mbale mudslide.

Heavy and extended rains started about 8pm on 30th July 2022 in Eastern Uganda leading to flooding in the areas of Mbale, Kapchorwa, and Sironko.
📌 Mbale
7 People dead.
Areas most affected: Namabasa, Bugwere Cell, Bungoko subcounty (in 3 villages)
Redcross deployed 2 ambulances to support Emergency evacuations,
20 Response Action Teams deployed to support rapid needs assessment.
📌 Kapchorwa
3 dead, 4 injurred and referred to Kapchorwa main hospital.
1 ambulance deployed to support emergency evacuations, and 10 Response Action Teams deployed to support Rapid Needs assessment.
Areas most affected: Kapsida subcounty, Chemalim village, Tuyobei Parish.
📌 Sironko district
Most affected areas:
Villages around Sironko Town Council, Bukise S/C, Busambya, Bumukha, Doko, Nabirete, Dorcus, Bukiyende, Namirende.
No. of people affected: Households 480.
No death, or reported injuries.
📌 Bulambuli district
Areas affected include Dwikhonge S/C, Duwadwala Parish: Villages of Diwadwala, Busiyango, Buyakha, Bunabalayo, Kori, Sipi, Bumugoya,
Labongo S/C: Mpumbura parish, Muyende S/C
No death reported, no injuries.
Households 672
📌 Bukedea
Areas affected include Busano Village, Aminit Sub-County
Data on households and people affected coming in later.
20 Response Action teams deployed to support rapid needs assessment.
Districts/Areas on high alert: Butalejja, Soroti, Katakwi, Amuria: RCATs on standby to do response, meanwhile, doing community early warning and emergency messages in on safety.
Communities advised to take heed.

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