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NRM SG Lumumba Asks Voters To Hold Their Leaders Accountable

By Keefa Nuwahereza

The Secretary General of the National Resistance Resistance Justine Kasule Lumumba has urged voters to ensure that they hold their leaders accountable for whatever they do and the government funds entrusted to them.

NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba with NRM cadres in Maracha

Lumumba made the remarks in Maracha district on Friday,  where she told voters to make their leaders account for what they promised when they were asking for votes, in order to ensure proper service delivery in their areas.

She said that “Ensure that you hold these leaders accountable, because if you don’t hold them accountable they will not deliver to your satisfaction. It’s within the mandate of these leaders to serve you.”

Lumumba hugging voters in Maracha

Lumumba made the call while addressing over 1000 Maracha district party leaders at Yivu Sub-county Headquarters in Maracha East Constituency. She said that effective service delivery is the key to consolidating the Party’s massive grassroots support among the Population in the area. 

Lumumba with NRM leaders in Maracha district

She noted that;  “I  spent  my  Friday  in  Avuya  Sub-county  in  Maracha  District  where  I  had  gone  to preside  over  a  one  day  NRM  District  conference  dubbed  “To  consolidate  the achievements  of  the  party  and  promoting  harmony  within  the  party  structures” which  was  organized  by  the  District  NRM  leadership  with  the  support  the  district woman  MP and attended  by  various  members  of  the  Party  Structures. 
I thank the 1000  plus attendees that graced the conference with their presence and the nice gentlemen who rode us of their boda bodas to the District  RDC’s office in Maracha  Town Council but not forgetting everyone that contributed one way or the other in making the conference proceed without any incidences.

I was welcomed and received by the District  Residence  District  Commissioner    Ms Esther  Soyet,  the  District  Woman Member of Parliament,  Hon.  Amaka  Rose  Atima, the district NRM  Vice  Chairperson Mr Acidri  Buga  Killi among other Party and district leaders accompanied by the NRM  Deputy  National  Treasurer,  Hon.  Dr Omona  Kenneth  Olusegun and staff of the NRM  Secretariat.”

The SG was accompanied by the party Deputy National Treasurer Dr Kenneth Olusegun Omona among others NRM stalwarts.

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