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Museveni Awards Certificates To Chinese Investors

By Keefa Nuwahereza

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has award certificates to Chinese investors in recognition of the great work they have done at accelerating industrialization in Uganda, especially in the Kapeeka Industrial Park.

During the function that was held in Kapeeka on Tuesday, President Museveni hailed Liao Shan  group for investing over USD200m in Uganda in a bid to expand their operations in the East African region, which he said is one of the ways of fulfilling the National Resistance Movement (NRM) manifesto of job creation for all Ugandans.  

“I met Chinese Investors led by Sam Zhang Hao, the MD of Liao Shan Industrial Park, Kapeeka. I awarded them a certificate of recognition for establishing the first model industrial park which will be a benchmark for the development of other industrial parks in Uganda,” President Yoweri Museveni tweeted shortly after handing over the certificate.

He added that;  “Since its inception, Liao Shan Industrial Park has sunk $200 million US Dollars and provided over 2500 employment opportunities to Ugandans.”

Evelyne Anite, the State Minister of Finance, Investment and Privatisation, visited the Liao Shen Industrial Park in Kapeeka to assess progress on various industrial establishments.

The Liao Shen Industrial Park in Kapeeka has four operational industries – for food products and garments – with many others under construction.

Only in its second year, the Kapeeka industrial park is a marvel, and is already transforming the neighbourhood.

The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), in liaison with other agencies, provides facilitation services to the industrial park like supply of stable electricity and industrial water, in addition to dealing with other emerging bottlenecks.

The industrial park is mainly operated by China’s Zhong Da Group and Zhang’s Group , which started off operations at the Industrial Park, located in Kapeeka, Nakaseke District, a town located about 50km from the Capital-Kampala. Currently three factories are in operation and more seven are being set.

The industrial park is expected to host 49 diversified industries including a car assembling plant and many others with a total investment of over 600,000,000 Dollars. The Park is expected to offer more than 16,000 jobs to the Ugandan people indirectly and directly.

For instance, the Ceramics plant is currently operating, producing over 40,000 square meters of tiles every day  and other ceramics.

Besides the Ceramics factory, the Mu-food technology plant is also in operation, dealing in fruit processing. The plant is currently employing over 100 Ugandans and buys mangoes from Ugandans farmers to process Mango fruits into juice and other by-products.

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