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Mukono Man Who Forcefully Built A House On A School Land Arrested.

There is growing fear among Mukono leaders due to the selling of land belonging to government schools in the district
Currently Schools like Kyetume primary school in Nakisunga sub county, Lweza and the famous Bishop schools in Mukono central division, part of their land were sold to developers.
The most recent land to be sold is Nakagere muslim primary school play ground, it was sold off to one Deniss Angura who fenced off the play ground and constructed a house on it, leaving the Children with no field for physical education
Angura’s possession of the land sparked disputes between the Moslem community protesting Denis Angura’s ownership because the land was donated to government to construct muslim school and a hospital
Later municipality leadership jumped onto the bandwagon to fight for the land and they barred Angura from using that because it belongs to the government school.
Yesterday Mukono enforcement team arrested Angura, detained him at Mukono police on charges of trespass, demolished his barbed wire fence because he was stopped and defied. was Arrested and detained to Mukono police on trespass Charges,
The Lc 1 chairperson conaived with the sons of the late Haji Musa Nyamayalwo and sold off one archer of land belonging to Nakagere Muslim Pri Sch
The contested land located in Nakagere village, Goma division in Mukono Municipality was donated to the government to construct a school and other projects like hospital, mosque
At the site the Municipal enforcement team has already put down Angola’s barbed wire fence and Angola was handcuffed and taken to Goma division headquarters.
On speaking to residents, they accused the chairperson of the village to be behind the selling of the land belonging to the community school.
“We are worried as a community because our school has no playground and the toilet which was taken by Mr. Angura.” Says Moses Bizibu, The Chairperson of the school’s PTA
Meddy Nkangabwa in charge of the development school’s committee says that they were surprised to see someone fencing off the school playground and when they protested its fencing they were arrested.
“We call upon the government to intervene in the matter because we have tried several means to stop him but he did not listen to us but instead deployed on the site while construction was moving on.” He says
Haji Abaasa Male one of the sons of the late Musa, advised the government to fight for its property as it was given to them to develop the education services in the area by his late father.
“If the government doesn’t fight for their property, who will fight for them because all the documents that indicate that the land was given to them I have them.” He says
“4.5 acres were given to the school, where they were to construct a primary and secondary school and 1.1 towards the mosque.” He adds
Currently the family of the Late has no authority over the land.
The Mukono Municipality Spokesperson George Masengele says that Angura was notified not to construct on the contested land but he was defiant.
He wondered why one would construct in a space that belongs to the school.
They have been arrested on charges of trespassing and taken to court. They are seeking the High court in order to demolish the house.
“For several times we have tried to arrest him but we find him armed. This time was successful as we stormed his house while his bodyguards were away.” He says
The Mukono district speaker Betty Hope Nakasi shifted the blame to government workers like the DEOs for not acting while people are grabbing government school land citing schools like Lweza Primary School, Kyetume , Bishop schools and Nakagere Muslim Primary school, their land was taken over by the untouchables.
“I put the blame on the Deo for comfortably sitting while schools are being sold off.” She note

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