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Mugerwa married off by Mzungu.

Singer and dancer Phina Mugerwa has got married off by her Mzungu husband in a beautiful introduction ceremony.
This happened a week after losing her son who was 16 years old that died without any sickness
Phina Mugerwa had been a single mother for so long and no one knew that she was even seeing someone because she kept it private.
A photo of her introduction ceremony was shared on social media and apparently she is not the one that shared it.
Her introduction ceremony was very private and a few people were invited. Those few it’s where one person decided to share her photo on social media.
This Mzungu husband of hers looks to be somehow older in age because his looks like he is in his 50’s.
They have not shared where this Mzungu originates from but we will keep you updated with every detail as it comes in.

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