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Mr President, thanks for defending the corrupt; You are an embarrassment to Uganda!

By Muhimbise George
Your excellence Gen Museveni, allow me to express my displeasure to you regarding your recent statements in which you warned Inspector General of Government Hon Beti Kamya to go slow on the corrupt, not to scare them from investing their loot in Uganda.

Gen Museveni it wouldn’t have been you who went to the bush with a ten point program agenda in which fighting corruption and abuse of power was key now defending the corrupt on account that they invest their loot here!

Your excellence it shouldn’t have been you, who has always blamed the parasites for our underdevelopment, now giving the same parasites greenlight to keep looting as long as they invest the loot in Uganda!

A person worthy your title, in whose hands Ugandans have placed their taxes & resources to manage on their behalf, would not make such a statement unless he is possessed or indeed if you wanted to confirm that you are not serving Ugandans but rather your family and children!

Be that as it may there is no economic theory that teaches that corruption can be a bedrock of development of any country, in any case if it was, Uganda would have reached first class status since under your rule corruption has been the most growing sector!

Your excellence, your reasoning is that a government official who steals money meant to improve the quality of UPE and as a result a primary six child cant read or write his name as UWEZO reports have often found, such a thief is not supposed to be questioned as long as he uses the money stolen to construct an international school where children of your ministers study from!

Your reasoning is that a government official who steals money meant to promote modern agriculture so that rural women can apply modern methods of farming to get them out of poverty shouldn’t be questioned as long as this thief invests the money in a super market that will be selling mangoes imported from Kenya and apples from South Africa!

Your reasoning is that an official who steals money meant for medical supplies and people die should be given a medal as a good investor as long as he uses this money to invest in private health facilities that the ordinary Ugandans can not afford!

Your excellence, your thinking is that government officials who grab and sell public land, those who take bribes from investors, the judges who take bribes and sell justice are all good people who deserve Presidential protection as long as they invest locally!

Your excellence indeed you are right because if a lifestyle audit was conducted on your family and relatives, none would explain the source of their wealth.

Your ministers, public servants, family and friends are all swimming in stinking wealth which none can explain, and you were right to defend them after all they say that tell me your friend i tell you who you are!

Your excellence, having spent all your youthful years in jungles, and having been brought up from Byanyima’s family an indication of how poor your family was, am not sure that the wealth you have amassed is derived from your salary of three million, i highly suspect that you can’t as well account for your wealth.

Your excellence the statement you made exposed your true colors, it demonstrated that you have no will to fight the corrupt, it proved to us that perhaps you could be among the beneficiaries of corruption. Your statement was a reckless, useless, self defeating and regrettably unfortunate.

Mr. President you have not only broken down the foundations of our economy, but you have also broken our moral fabric, from cannibalizing major state enterprises like the railways, factories, hotels etc., you have now officially opened up the country for looting by your corrupt officials!

Mr. President at that level of reasoning, the only expectation we can have from you is to retire and handover the country to other people!
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