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Mpuuga rallies Busoga to break forth from poverty

The Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga has called upon the people of Busoga to break the chains and get rid of the bondage that has kept them in poverty.
Speaking at the burial of Scovia Mudondo at Wandago village in Buyende district, Mpuuga said that it is indefensible for the people of Busoga to continue crying about poverty and poor service delivery yet at elections continue to vote for NRM candidates.
“The regime is deceiving you with the Parish Development Movement , they are just playing with your minds. How many of you have ever received this money? People of Busoga can be rescued from this kind of poverty. You can work because you have energy,” he said.
He explained that in 37 years, president Museveni has only been scoffing at the people of Busoga without providing any tangible solutions to tackle poverty in the region.
“Sometimes he wonders and queries why you keep on voting for him. He wonders and says ‘where did I bewitch these people of Busoga?’ Learn from this kind of situation and wake up. Ask you leaders whether they are comfortable with this kind of situation in the region. Starting asking tough questions,” he advised.
Citing the recently released PLE exams, Mpuuga said, the fact that the entire Ngandho sub-County can celebrate getting three 1st grades is testimony enough of the decayed education system.
“You are unable to take your children to good schools, don’t accept this kind of life. Wake up and stop crying for this kind of life. You can do something,” he said, adding that it is time for Busoga to embrace the message of change and return to its glorious days.

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