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Mpatta Residents Cry Foul Over Unclean Water.

Residents of Mpata district in Mukono district are still complaining about the government’s lack of attention to them in terms of basic services especially clean piped water but the Katosi water station is pitted against them.

At Mawotto, Buule, Ssozi and Mugomba villages, residents have to rent bicycles and boda bodas to get clean water and they all use only one well in the area and here you can find people doing laundry, especially children.

Residents, especially parents, said they do not feel comfortable before their children return from the far away bushy spring wells because they fear that they might get problems on their way.

Residents said it is unfortunate that they are using dirty water which has caused them to get sick, but the clean water that the people of Kampala enjoy comes from their area, leaving them to fetch water in swamps.

They also pointed out the lack of medical services and Mawotto parish does not even have a government health center 2 where they can seek for treatment and they are left to be treated in health camps brought by the well-wishers, and to get treatment they have to walk 6 miles to Kabanga health 3

Mawotto Village Chairperson, Lwanga George William told us that all their wells have been destroyed by the floods and now they are left with only one water source which serves over 2000 people, while those who cannot trek buy buyers a jerry can at 500 shillings.

Mukono south MP Fred Kayondo said it is true that most parishes at the lake shores do not have health centers at the level of 2, most diseases are caused by unclean water.

Kayondo urged the government to ensure that the policy of every medical facility per parish is implemented and clean water is distributed.

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