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MoE Launches Mental Health Education in Schools.

In the bid to address depression and mental health disorders amongst the learners, the ministry of education and sports has launched a mental health circular in schools; with a call from the civil society organization to the government to increase the mental health funding that has left thousands without proper treatment.

The event was blessed by the Dr. Safina Kisomoseni on behalf the state minister for Higher education Dr. Crystom Muyingo, and here the members of Strong minds a civil society while training teachers they noted that the outbreak of Covid 19 and closure of schools had a significant effect on children leading suicide cases and putting mental health education in school is a way to go.

Christine Nturo the country director strong minds, said the overwhelming cases of suicide cases, is a reminder to the government that there is a high treatment gap in the country with 86% of people with mental health issues are not getting the services.

Dr. Safina on behalf of Minister Muyingo noted that the government is aware of the mental disorders among the learners and the issue may escalate if not well managed, she called for a concerted effort to all stakeholders in education to support and lay strategies that can reduce the problem.

Nasijje Gloria a law student at Cavendish University noted that at the university there is a number of undergoing mental challenges and they need support which is not available, as a student she appealed to government to avail enough funds in taming the challenge because many students have dropped out of studies.

“Government should invest more in mental health and also learning institutions across the country to put in practice a one hour program on mental health education”

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