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Mega Milk Unveils Most Nutritious Yoghurt In All Fruit Flavours

By Keefa Nuwahereza

Mega Milk Limited, the manufacturers of pasteurized milk in Uganda, have unveiled the most nutritious and healthy yoghurt called Mega Yoghurt, which comes in various fruit flavours.

According to our sources at the company, Mega Yoghurt comes in flavours like Vanilla, Strawberry and Blueberry, which can be found in all shops and supermarkets.

A lady enjoys Mega Yoghurt with her baby

The Company, whose slogan is ‘It’s not milk if it’s not Mega milk’, also boasts of producing very tasty milkshakes that are comparable to no other, plus producing and packaging pasteurized milk at affordable prices.

Besides Mega Yoghurt, the dairy company recently introduced the usage of milking machines to extract milk from the thousands of cows at their farms, which is handled with clinical precision right from the processing plant to the final consumer.

Eating Mega Yoghurt will leave you with a big smile like hers

This new innovation, our sources reveal, is aimed at ensuring that clients have clean milk that is uncontaminated through human contact.

The company also aims at having a continuous supply of good quality milk for their clients such that they can meet their demands.

Mega milk is the only real full cream milk on the market because the Company doesn’t remove any cream from the milk.

Even the babies love Mega Yoghurt

Mega milk comes from the cow straight to your table, and as a result, children love it because real full cream is really tasty.

 “We make sure that we give you the best quality milk and yogurt at the best price. We are a diary company that’s convenient for you and flexible to your requirements,” an official from Mega Milk Ltd to Elite News.

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