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Matembe Resorts To Vending Books In Town

Indications are that former Minister for Ethics and Integrity turned women rights activist Miria Matembe, either doesn’t trust Ugandan bookshops or wants to create more sales so  she has decided to vend her book wherever she goes.
Snoops reveal that Matembe these days moves around town hawking her book whenever she goes for any function.
The latest sighting was last week when she was smoked out at Speke hotel during a meeting with some people. Our snoops reveal that she would approach anyone who cared to lend her an ear and ask whether they could buy a copy. Early this year Matembe launched her book which reveals her points of departure from the National Resistance Movement ( NRM ) regime.
The book entitled “The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Betrayed” recounts previously untold stories of her relationship with the top NRM gurus and how she fell out with the ruling Party fraternity. Snoops intimate that while at Speke Hotel, Matembe was vending the book at USD10 per copy.

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