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Mao left holding empty can as he insists transition is in “black and white” in Museveni deal.

The president of the Democratic Party, Norbert Mao, has insisted that the matter of “political transition” is written all over the cooperation agreement that he signed with President Museveni in July, 2022.
Mao’s denial comes days after President Museveni, in an interview with NBS TV, denied that there had been a discussion over political transition in his talks with Mao.
In a series of tweets, Mao said at least on DP’s part, political transition was front and centre of the discussion.
“Political transitions can be initiated either from within by incumbents or by outside groups. The means vary. DP’s goal of a “Peaceful Presidential Transition” is in black and white in the Cooperation Agreement. What is left is to mutually discuss it’s modalities in detail,” Mao tweeted.
He added: “If the hype (making mountains out of molehills) about President Museveni’s interview aired by @nbstv was to push up viewership, then it was a great success. Transition is now out there on the national agenda. Never will the pullers-down be able to cope with the builders-up.”
President Museveni’s recollection of the agreement varies widely with Mao’s.
In the interview with NBS TV that aired on October 17, Museveni said the cooperation agreement that the NRM signed with Democratic Party in July did not include any agreement on political transition.
In the interview, Museveni said that he brought Mao on board as a strategy to “bring the opposition into government” but not to oversee any form of political transition.
“So that’s our doctrine to unite as many as possible so that the ones who are not with us are fewer. Maybe Mao is presenting it the way he is presenting it but that’s our own old way of uniting anybody who agrees to unite with us. That is his approach but we have discusses broadly unity,” Museveni said
Museveni’s revelation prompted mixed reactions on social media with many people saying Mao had been left holding an empty can.
Mao, not to be left out, launched a broadside at some opposition players who have been critical of his deal with Museveni.
“I have been in Ugandan politics long enough to judge who is honest and who is dishonest. I can state without any fear of contradiction that some of my fellow opposition party leaders are incurably dishonest and that is why they’re unfit to lead change. Ugandans know them!

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